1966 MK1 GT Ford Cortina
An epic 8 part series on this classic Ford GT Cortina, this video/blog set will take you through the entire repair and paint process giving every detail on how I did the job all in amazing HD video quality.
Part 1
Part 2
1966 Cortina
Part 3
MK1 Cortina Part 3
Part 4
Paint Bonnet & Boot Lid MK1 GT Cortina Part 4
Part 5
Prep, Mask & Basecoat MK1 GT Ford Cortina Part 5
Part 6
MK1 GT Ford Cortina Part 6
Part 7
Clear Coat, Respray MK1 GT Ford Cortina Part 7
Part 8
Polish & Detail 1966 MK1 GT Cortina Part 8 Final Episode

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