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The Volkswagen Kombi have a cult following worldwide but they are getting to the point where they need a bit of love to keep them looking good. Here I will take you through the Restoration process of this 1975 VW Kombi Bay Single Cab Ute/Pickup.
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We received the car in this condition. We started by talking to the owner about what they were looking for out of the job and gave an estimate then made a plan on how we were going to do the job.
Now to get stuck into the job, in a small workshop there’s no time to waste. Step one is to remove all necessary parts, be sure you have a comprehensive tool kit and get a box for all the big parts then small zip lock bags for any smaller parts that you can label, this will make the re fitting stage a lot easier.
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Now we have the panels off and parts removed we can begin our rust and body repairs, you can still get good results without removing all the original paint. We cleaned any affected areas of rust with a small grinder, then used a rust converter in a trigger spray bottle to ensure good penetration. be sure to always read and follow instructions of any products used, in this case the rust converter must be left for at least 24 hours before continuing with any filler repairs.
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Stay tuned for the rest of this project.

Check out this video and stay tuned for more on this VW Kombi.

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