The Brand Anest Iwata Bellaria W400 Classic Plus is a top Quality Spray Gun that can achieve great results with ease, it is Versatile and can be used for Basecoat, Clear Coat and most other Paint types, It boasts a light weight and Sleek Classic Design that fits in the hand comfortably and a Chrome Finished Body and has all the latest Technology included, I will be reviewing and Demonstrating on four separate cars and using the Efficient W-400-BA4-2 Air cap. The gun Is made to high quality standards built to last and at a competitive price for a top quality Spray Gun. The four cars are a Subaru Liberty in Satin White Pearl Paint Code 37J. A Land Rover, Range Rover Evoke in Fuji White Paint Code 867. A 1960’s Mercedes Benz 280 SL in Champagne Met and a Honda Jazz in Milano Red Paint Code R81.

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