Anest Iwata LPH400 1.3mm is a top Quality Spray Gun that can achieve great results with ease.
It is Versatile and can be used for Basecoat, Clear Coat and most other Paint types.
The gun boasts a light weight and “Sleek Classic Design” that fits in the hand comfortably.
It also has a Polished Chrome Finish on the Body which is easy to clean.
In the video review below I will be Demonstrating on two separate cars and using the Efficient HVLP LV4 Air cap.
The two cars are a Volvo C70 in Silver Met Paint Code 426 and a Ford Territory in Silhouette Met Paint Code ST.
I have many more Spray Gun Reviews if you are having trouble deciding which one is right for you, but I will say that if this gun has taken your interest then it would definitely be a good purchase and it is reasonably priced and affordable.

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