Want A Spray Painting Apprenticeship? This Blog and Video below is dedicated to young people thinking of getting into Spray Painting.
Why would you want to be a Spray Painter? It’s a dirty job, most likely you’ll be forced to do long hours for low pay and good chance someone will yell at you daily for doing something wrong.
Still here I see, now I’ll cover a few things I see as most important for success in this trade.
Starting something new you will obviously have a long way to go before you can call yourself a professional, this is a big part of the reason that new apprentices are given generic cleaning, sanding and preparation tasks, you may not realize it at the time but just by being around a shop you’ll be picking up lots as you go. Don’t be afraid to ask a questions.
I have always cared about a 1st year Apprentices attitude more than his abilities, be ready to get dirty and don’t complain if you’re asked to empty bins and sweep floors among many other seemingly boring tasks, put 100% effort into these jobs, sooner they’ll be done and you can get onto the work you want to be doing in the paint shop, this will also make the boss and tradesmen you are working for realize you are serious about this trade.
Get the small things right and the big things will fall in place.
manners go a long way especially as a young guy, people who have been doing their job for years don’t want to be told how it’s done by a pimple faced teenager who just started their Apprenticeship.
(see photo Gunman as a pimple faced teenager)

Spray Guns are Beautiful Tools
The Gunman in 2000 as a 1st year beginning my apprenticeship
Range Rover

Job Satisfaction

I have heard that Tradesmen on the whole are happier than most other professions, a big part of that is Job Satisfaction, being able to go to work and make things look good every day is extremely rewarding.
This job in particular is not simple though with so many variables and simple mistakes can have expensive consequences.
Yes anyone can grab a can of Spray Paint from the hardware store and say “yeah I can Spray Paint” but to be able to refinish a brand new Mercedes AMG without any trace is a completely different thing.
It truly does take years of practice and making mistakes to be able to call yourself a good Spray Painter.

A highly skillful trade that at times can be extremely testing even to the strongest character but ultimately there is nothing else in the world I would rather do.
There are times I feel guilty for being payed to do this trade because I get such a kick out of it.

Peter Jackson Racing XF Falcon
Glasurit 255 HS Clear over 55 Line Base

Give An Apprenticeship a Go

If a Spray Painting Apprenticeship sounds like something that interests you then visit some shops, do a pre apprenticeship or just get a resume together and be keen, has a shop you’ve had you’re heart set on working at said no? Keep at it go back once a month and they will keep you in mind, maybe even give you the job simply because you seem keen.
I started young just after turning 17 and finishing year 10 at school.
I think it worked to my advantage for a few reasons, I hated school and never went because I was bored with the classes, staying at school until year 12 won’t really achieve much if you want to be a Spray Painter.
This trade needs enthusiastic young people joining, it’s also friendly to girls/women so don’t be shy, attitudes are quite open these days and discrimination is rare from my experience, don’t expect special treatment, head down ass up just like the rest of us and you’ll fit in fine.
So what kind of money can you expect as a qualified tradesman? This will obviously vary on ability and it’s between you and your employer to agree on something.
I am able to make more money as a tradesman Spray Painter than my brother who did countless years of university to become a graphic designer. Those years of uni cost him money while I was getting payed to learn my trade.
I admit it’s not for everyone but highly recommend giving it a go.

Watch the video below for more tips and a look at the kind of work we do.
Check out a few more photos below.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed it, if you did and think there’s a friend who could benefit from it then be sure to share with them.
I always do my best to answer any relevant questions so be sure to leave a comment below.
don’t forget to “Get out there and Paint Some Shit!!”.
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AMG Mercedes
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Sata Jet 5000B RP 1.3mm Digital VL Walkinshaw Bonnet

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