in part 7 of the full repair and respray of this 1966 MK1 GT Ford Cortina I am up to the Clear Coat stage using Concept Paints HS Clear and I will also be using my new DeVilbiss GPI for the first time with clear, the gun has a 1.4mm fluid tip on it and using the GP1 air cap that comes with it, in the previous video I used the same gun with Concept No-Mix basecoat and the LumaIII spray gun light which I found very helpful because I wasn’t quite sure if I was getting proper coverage with the red solvent based basecoat.
This video has included something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now and it has a preview window of 3rd person view from the tripod while most of the screen is from my point of view, shot on my GoPro using the head mount.

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