Concept Paints, otherwise known as in the USA as Transtar is a very cost efficient way of spraying a car with some of the cheapest paint on the market, they have a full paint system with every colour you will need to match most OEM paint finishes although I have found there are some colours that you will just not be able to get due to poor lift in their metallic paint.
From my experience it is only about 1 in 10 colours that you’ll have big problems with and after a while you’ll know before mixing just by looking at the colour if it will be a problem, so you’ll know to organize another option.

Colour Matching Concept No-Mix Basecoat

Don’t let this scare you off because there are some strong points, the HS primer is one of the best on the market and affordable, the No-Mix basecoat is cheaper than any other basecoat by the liter and also goes further because the mixing ratio is 1:1 not 2:1 like most other basecoats.
I have not used all of the Concept Paints products so I can only go from my experience but overall it is a very mixed review with some excellent products and some average.
Perfect for budget resprays and in a low volume paint shop.
For a high production panel shop I would imagine that the savings in price would be outweighed by loss of time colour matching, reworking and there are also some drying issues with their HS clear coats.
As all of my reviews this is 100% independent and based on my personal opinion.

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