Glasurit “Painters Paint”

This Job here is the first ever video footage of The Gunman Spray Painting, It was recorded on my Apprentices Smart Phone in 2011 in the Prestige Auto Smash shop I worked at, in Hawthorn Melbourne.
Video Quality is poor because of the technology of the day but I decided to edit it as a 2nd anniversary special.
The Car I am painting is a Volkswagen GTI Golf in Black Pearl Paint Code T2.
I will be using Glasurit 55 Line basecoat (Solvent) and 255 HS Clear, my personal favorite clear.
I am using a DeVilbiss GTI Pro Spray Gun with a 1.3mm fluid tip and the HVLP Setup H1 Air cap.
I look back on these days as the highest quality my work has ever been due to a good booth and best products, also working on only the best cars where sub standard work is simply not acceptable.
At this point I am having some time off in Thailand and it’s been great to be able to spend some of my spare time on making videos like this but in saying that I feel like I am ready to go back to another shop like this and take my painting back top the top class work like you see me doing in this video.

Glasurit 255 HS Clear, DeVilbiss GTI Pro H1 1.3mm
AMG Mercedes Detail Stage


This is Just the Begining

2 years ago today (6th Feburary 2016) I uploaded the first video as The Gunman.
If you had have told me 2 years ago that I would have over 25,000 Subscribers on YouTube and near 5,000,000 views I would have laughed. The following I have gained in such a short time is amazing and I really have gained a lot of respect in the trade.
I think a big part of my success is the no bullshit approach I take not just to painting but the way I make my videos, I tell it like it is and if that offends a few then I am sorry but I am just saying my opinion.
Honesty isn’t the only reason for my success, a mix of RAW talent and massive dedication has bought this channel to where it is today.
Recently I have been doing some Vlogs of daily life on my The Gunman RAW YouTube Channel, click link to see more.
This is just the beginning and I believe the best is yet to come so be sure to stick around.
As always don’t forget to “Get out there and Paint some shit!!”

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