Thailand the land of Smiles, take a look at what life is like for me in Pattaya Thailand.

This Video/Blog is a bit different than my usual, I decided to do a 300th video special.
I have recently moved to Thailand because there is so much to love about this wonderful country.
We’ll have a look at the delicious Thai food I eat daily, go down to the shopping centers on my scooter, have a look around at some of the local classic cars and much more.
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Bangkok Thailand
Why Thailand?
A common question I’m asked is why did you move to Thailand and hope after reading this blog and watching the video you will all understand why I love this place so much.

The Places
As I’m sure most people already know Thailand is one of the worlds top holiday destinations with beautiful countryside, amazing Buddhist temples, jungles, waterfalls and much more.
The Thai capital Bangkok has just overtaken London as the worlds most visited city with over 14 million arrivals every year.
Buddha on the hill Pattaya
This is a waterfall in Chantaburi we went on a day trip to with friends, there are hundreds of catfish you can get in and swim with and they will come up and nibble your legs if you stay still, a bit creepy really but it’s swimming weather all year round with nearly every day at 30 celsius and only 2 seasons, wet & dry, the Christmas period is dry season so fits in well with the holiday period of the west.
Waterfall in Chantaburi
The Food
There is something about Thai food, they just seem to have got it right on so many levels, I would say it’s the best in the world, all it takes is an open mind to try things that are out of the normal as far as western tastes go and there is a wonderful world of Thai food to be explored.
Tom Yum Goong is my personal favorite dish which translates to Soup Salad Prawns.
Another thing I like about Thai food is that every place you go ads their own personal touch to each dish, they will be very similar but unique with subtle variations.
Thai Food

Thai Markets
Hours can be spent wandering around Thai markets, I have been here 16 times and still finding new things
Iv’e always liked fresh fruit and as you see here there is no shortage of it, with exotic fruits I’d never seen or even heard of from my home in Australia.
The locals are very helpful and you are nearly guaranteed of service with a smile, Thailand has the nick name “The Land of Smiles” and is also dubbed “Amazing Thailand”.

Fruit Market in Pattaya City
The Nightlife

What happens on hot nights in walking street Pattaya stays there, but seriously if you like to go out and party then this place will just about ruin any night club in Australia like it did for me.
Cheap drinks and no 20 minute lines to get one, friendly people will serve you and if you smoke you aren’t shoved outside like a 2nd class citizen.
The media (in Australia anyway) do these campaigns every year on how dangerous Thailand is, and it can be true if you aren’t careful but keep your wits about you, don’t go looking for trouble and most likely you won’t find it.

Walking Street Pattaya

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