This blog and video below is Part 3 on this Honda Integra Type R Repair &b Paint process, it will be focusing on the clear coat stage and I will be using my trusty old DeVilbiss GTI Pro lite 1.3mm and the TE20 air cap.
I am using Standox HS clear coat mixed at a 2:1 ratio and 10% reducer using a 2 coat application method, the colour is Nighthawk black pearl paint code B92P.
In Part 1 I went through repair, prime, prep, masking and in Part 2 we covered the basecoat stage so if you missed them be sure watch them first.

I gave the LumaIII Spray Gun light another try and was not overly impressed with how I am constantly blinded by the light that is total overkill especially when I have a good lighting system in my spray booth, a simple brightness adjuster would improve the product immensely and if the next model is released with one then it may get the thumbs up from The Gunman but for now I think they need to do a little more real world testing and get some feedback on the product, it is also extremely expensive for what is essentially an LED light.

Pro Lite TE20 1.3mm Standox HS Clear
Honda Integra Type R LumaIII Spray Gun light
See Below Video for more Photos of the Project.

Honda Integra Type R Ready for Primer
Honda Integra Type R In the Spray Booth
Concept Paints HS Primer
Honda Integra Type R Filler Repairs
Standox HS Clear
Honda Integra Type R after 2K Primer
Honda Integra Type R After Clear
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