Blending a 3 stage colour can be tricky at the beginning but there are a few key points that if followed correctly it will make your life a lot easier and results will improve greatly, even experienced painters run into problems now and then but it’s how we overcome the issue that determines if you are a good or great painter, this job was no exception so watch me overcome a problem to finish with an awesome finish.
I will take you through the steps of Spray Painting this Subaru XV Painted in Satin White Pearl Met, Paint Code 37J using Standox Solvent Basecoat and Crystal Clear Pro HS, using a DeVilbiss GTI Pro with a T2 Air Cap for base and an Anest Iwata Bellaria Classic Plus W400-BA4-2 for clear coat.

The Importance of Colour Matching Pearl Paint

The colour matching stage is extremely important and if I had not of got that stage right then I would have had big dramas with this job so check out the Video & Blog I have made on How to Colour Match a 3 Layer Pearl.

Colour matching a 3 Layer Pearl
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