This video covers a lot of questions about how to fix many common paint defects like paint runs, solvent boil, removing dust from paint and many more tips & tricks of the trade, we all have the occasional paint defect but it’s not that we get them but how we go about fixing them that determines whether you are good at your trade. I will show you the polishing range I use and the method of sanding using Kovax Bufflex mini orbital sander which I believe is a must in a panel shop these days. I use and recommend Juice Super C cutting compound, 3M perfect it 3 swirl remover then finishing off with the Gelson T57 dark polish on an orbital sander to remove swirl marks. There are so many polishes on the market and I have just found this combination works well for me on dark colours but it’s not a must, if you find different methods work for you then go for it. I will be demonstrating on a BA Ford Falcon ute in Silhouette Black Pearl paint code ST, its a 4lt 6 cylinder turbo 260kw Australian built beast and if you hang around until the end I will give you a good look over the car and a listen to that turbo do what it does best.

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