Sun Damaged paint is an eye sore and unfortunately can be hard to avoid.
Keeping your car out of the sun for most of it’s life isn’t always possible.
If it does happen then this is the right article and video below for you, we’ll start by looking at the damage and making a decision on how we best go about the job.
In this instance we had to paint the bonnet/hood, the roof and also the tops of the quarter panel pillars otherwise known as cant rails.

Now we know what we’re doing it’s time to get stuck into it, I ended up finding some unrelated damage in the center of the bonnet and also some stone chips that for the sake of maximum 20 minutes work we may as well fix while it’s in the shop and getting painted.
So a small repair later and some sanding I take it in the booth for a few coats of a good quality 2k primer to seal down all the areas we cut thorough while sanding, I am using Concept paints HS primer with the Airgunsa AZ3 1.8mm primer gun.

The Gunman doing some Prep Work Sun Damaged Paint

After leaving the primer over night, alternately can be baked, we are right to start our prep work, then clean it down and give the spray booth a good clean too before going in to mask it up, next up we’ll give the whole thing a wipe down with silicone remover, tack-rag then start painting.
The colour is called Titanium Grey paint code TG, I will be using Concept paints No-Mix basecoat and Cromax 696S 2k clear over the top, all using one of my personal favorite spray guns the DeVilbiss SGK 600-BV 1.4mm or FLG5 as its known as in some parts of the world.


See Below Video for more Photos
Prep Work Sun Damaged Paint after 2k Primer
Masking Ford Focus in Titanium Grey Met
Ford Focus in Titanium Grey Met after Sun Damage Repair
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