If you have Chrome parts that you want to paint then follow these steps and watch the video at the bottom of the page where I will take you through the best methods for success. Your biggest problem when painting over chrome will be adhesion.

Chrome Mirrors
Be sure to etch into the chrome surface with some coarse sandpaper or even a small grinder, in this instance I decided to use 80 grit Sand Paper on an orbital sander and did the hard to reach spots with 80 grit by hand.
80 Grit Dynabrade

Next I set the parts up on a stand in the Spray Booth.
Now we have etched into the chrome we must clean it down with Wax & Grease Remover (Prepsol), by covering the entire surface, I use an atomizer bottle and spray it on then wipe off with clean bleached rags. then use high pressured air with a tack cloth to remove any left over pieces of dust on the surface.

The next step is to mix our primer, it is very important that you use a 2 Pack Epoxy Primer, to the best of my knowledge there is no other products on the market that will give you adhesion like the Epoxy Primers will. Your average high build Automotive Primers and even Etch Primers will not stick to chrome surfaces. As always be sure to wear the correct safety gear because these primers are extremely dangerous to your health, especially Epoxy Primers with Chromate in them.
In this instance I am using an Akzo Nobel product High Solids Epoxy Primer but ask your local paint supplier for a good HS Epoxy Primer andd they should have a product just as good.

Most primers can be used either as a Wet on Wet / Non Sanding application or as a fill and sand, so depending on the quality surface you are going over you may want to seal it with epoxy to get your adhesion then do some repairs with filler then use a normal Automotive High Build Primer and continue with the job as usual. In this case I didn’t need to do any repairs and the parts were in good enough nick to use the Epoxy Primer as a Wet on Wet and then continue with my basecoat and clearcoat the same as on any job or direct gloss 2K if required, as always observe flash off times.
As always don’t forget to use a paint strainer for all paint that goes into your gun.
Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to any relevant questions.

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