In this video I will take you through the steps of Spray Painting this Mercedes Benz ML500 Painted with a DeVilbiss GTI Pro in Diamond White 3 Layer Pearl, Paint Code 799 Painted in Standox Solvent Base and Crystal Clear Pro HS Clear.
I am using the DeVilbiss GTI Pro 1.3mm with a T2 air cap, having multiple guns helps when doing these kind of jobs.
The purpose of this repair is to keep it small this saves us time in remove and refit and material usage, being a 3 layer pearl it does mean you must take care when applying the colour and doing blends, it is extremely important that the colour match is above 95% match before even attempting a blend on a colour like this or you will be setup to fail before you start.
Every step will be explained in an easy to understand language with real world methods, no BS.

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