This video is my 15th video upload and I will go through the way I spray Standox Crystal Pro HS Clear Coat on this BMW 323i. I am using a DeVilbiss Gti Pro with a T2 air cap on it, I used some different settings than I do these days but this outlines how with some different gun settings we can still achieve the same overall finish just through application techniques. I have found this clear to be quite thin without adding any reducer so I decided to leave it out. I included a good little tip for measuring when the 2nd coat is ready to apply, the techniques in this video are specific to the clear coat used. If I was using a different clear then I may have altered slightly to suit, don’t forget the temperature will also play a big part in application also and I am in a heated fully down draft booth.

Always pay attention to the correct PPE to be used for using any 2 Pack Paints and a respirator is a must.
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