A look at my latest spray gun the Nordson Trilogy AC-AS 1.3mm gravity fed Spray Gun.
Generously donated to the channel by SprayGunsDirect in the UK for purposes of a review, I have decided that this gun will be given away once I have reviewed so stay tuned for the giveaway.
After telling SpraygunsDirect that I was planning on doing a give away with the gun they thought it was a great idea and decided to jump on board and give away an extra 2 guns as well so there will also be a DeVilbiss GPI with all 3 fluid tips 1.4mm, 1.6mm & 1.8mm, and the ANI R150-T 1.0mm mini gun, because I was so impressed with them from previous reviews you may be familiar with.

Although I am yet to use the gun I am very impressed with the overall look of it, it seems to be made to top quality standards and is made in Germany which is always associated with the best quality engineering and quality tools.
This gun has some unique features that the guns I usually use don’t have like a built in analogue gauge on the fan adjustment knob and a swivel on the air fitting at the base of the gun, stay tuned for in depth reviews on how these features preform in real world conditions.

Nordson Trilogy LVLP Spray Gun, brand new out of the box.
Nordson Trifinity 1.3mm New Spray Gun

Since being given this gun I have shared some photos and some of you have informed me that this is not the only gun of the exact same build, the Durr Spray Gun and Optima Trifinity are near identical copies from what I can see, if you know more about the link between these guns then be sure to share with us in the comments section below.
Optima Trifinity
Durr, Optima or Nordson  Spray Gun?

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