’59 Plymouth Fury Respray

Part 3 of the full respray on this ’59 Plymouth Fury will be focusing on the 3rd coat of Nason 2K Direct Gloss paint.
The Plymouth Fury are a classic car made famous by Stephen King’s movie Christine where a 1958 Plymouth Fury comes to life on the production line and starts killing people, I highly recommend any car lover watch the 1983 Cult Classic Film Christine.
I will be using my DeVilbiss SGK 600-BV 1.4mm Spray Gun, Branded as FLG5 in some parts of the world.
A gun that I believe is the best in it’s price bracket, I picked it up for $200 Aud and yes it is an entry level gun, anything much cheaper simply won’t last or spray very well. The SGK is built well and capable of a good quality finish.
It’s no Gti Pro lite (Tekna USA) but a good shop workhorse and ideal for jobs like this.
As always I will include as much technical info as possible in an easy to understand language with a no bullshit approach.
Nobody’s perfect and neither is this paint job but it still looks the part and I was happy with the end result.
There are a few ripples in the body but It is an old car and I believe as far as practicality goes this was the right way to go about the job, some may argue that we should have stripped the entire car and all paint off it but I personally disagree.

'59 Plymouth Fury After Primer
'59 Plymouth Fury After Paint

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Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comments below and don’t forget to “Get out there and Paint Some Shit!!”

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