1959 Plymouth Fury full respray Part 2.

In the video below I will be masking and doing a full respray with the help of my business partner, all in time lapse so hours of work crammed into a 6 minute video. Part 1 went through the primer work on the entire car. After letting the primer dry I sprayed some 2k beige in the dooe jambs. I then went on to mask out the roof and spray a coat of primer over it then spray it in 2k baby blue. Part 3 will be a first person view look at the third coat of colour. We used Nason 2k on the entire job, yes it’s not the best quality paint but still looks fine. Being that the Nason is a little thinner than your regular 2k paint we decided to put an extra coat on the entire car. This will also help in future when it needs a cut & Polish, there will be a little more material there to cut into. Again I will be using my trusty DeVilbiss SGK 600-BV 1.4mm also known as FLG5, a gun that made 3rd spot in my Top 10 Spray Guns.  
Time Lapse Plymouth Fury Prepsol
Double Team Spray Painting Plymouth Fury


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