This is the 2nd blog in a 2 part series of how to go about fixing sun damaged paint, Part 1 focused on how to assess the damage and decide what procedure will be taken.
We then started repairing, priming, prep, and paint work on this Ford Focus in Titanium Grey paint code TG.

The video below will be mainly focusing on the polishing stage and also how to denib small imperfections from our fresh paint.
I will remove small pieces of dirt that landed in our fresh paint from Part 1.
I’ll also give you a good look at how I use my Tungsten block and even removing a small run with it.
Once most of the high spot has been removed I will be showing you the old fashioned method with a bucket of clean water, a block and some 2,000 grit wet or dry sandpaper to flatten then polish.
Sit back relax and enjoy.

Ford Focus Sun Damaged Paint
After hours of Polishing, Ford Focus in Titanium Grey.

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