In this video I will take you through the ultra fast repair, prime and paint on this classic 1988 Fiat Uno Turbo.
This is literally a quick bog and paint job and was done in less than 3 hours as a freebie for my neighbor.
After leaving it cure in the booth for one hour it was out in the sun having a bake in my West Australian solar oven.
I will include every step and go into detail as to why I do what I do. Also include loads of product information to help you decide what will work best without being advertised at because I really don’t care who you buy from or what you buy it is simply my opinion on what works and this may vary for you.
I am using DeBeer 2k topcoat at a 3:1 ratio with concept fast hardener.
The primer I am using is juat a 1k acrylic primer by Nason, a product that I have found works very well with basecoats and 2k colours over the top, advantages to this are quick drying times and low risk of overspray also not having to mix the primer as it is able to be left in a suction fed spray gun.
I will be using my new favorite gun the DeVilbiss GPI with a 1.4mm fluid tip on it.
See below video for some photos.

Click images below for full screen

The Fiat Uno is the worlds 8th most built production car and was made in Italy from 1983 to 1995 but production continued right up until 2013 in Brazil, there’s loads more cool info on these great little Italian cars easily found with a quick Google or Wikipedia search.
As always I will do my best to get back to any questions and also feel free to add any info you have on these classic cars below in the comments section.

Don’t forget to get out there, paint some shit and bog that car.

Fiat Uno fom behind
DeVilbiss GPI 1.4mm
1988 Fiat Uno Turbo in 1k Primer
Fiat Uno after a very quick repair

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