This is part 1 on this Honda Integra Type R, it is a general repair & paint including a full cut and polish which will be included in later videos.
The front and rear bumper bars have had some old repairs that the filler is starting to crack so we took it all out refilled primed and painted.

Fixing old Filler Repairs

The bonnet/hood had a spot that had been cut through with the buff so we are fixing that along with any stone chips and a small dent we will carry out a small filler repair, the two front guards/fenders are also being done mainly for the purpose of a blend to ensure there is no colour difference.

Repair finished, Masked Ready for Primer

I will take you right through the entire process from start to finish including lots of technical information to help you understand why I do what I do in easy to understand language and real world methods.
See part 2 for the basecoat stage.
And Part 3 for Clear Coat Stage.

After Repair, during Prep Work
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