The new Sagola 4600 Xtreme DVR Aqua 1.3 is a great spray gun with many upgrades from the older 4500 Xtreme which I never really liked that much. This is the digital version.

Key Improvements

  • Speed

I found the Sagola 4500 quite slow and you can always slow a fast gun down but it’s hard to speed a slow gun up, that was part of the reason I never spent much time using the 4500. But the new 4600 Xtreme is a massive step up in speed, it’s lightning fast and in that aspect, it reminds me of the SATAjet 5000B-RP Aviator I just reviewed.

  • Cleaning

Another upgrade is how easy it is to clean, the previous model had 8 tiny air holes on the air cap which would clog very easily, leaving the smallest amount of paint on the air cap would possibly result in them clogging up preventing it from spraying properly. The new model Sagola 4600 Xtreme DVR Aqua 1.3 has much larger air holes and less of them making it easy to clean and ensuring it will spray every time you need the gun. In a busy workshop environment, this is important.


Build Quality

The gun has a good feel to it and all components are designed and manufactured in Spain, it feels like you’re holding a quality tool. The gun is still new to me so time will tell how it holds up to being used on a daily basis but I have a good feeling it will last quite a while.

Metal on Metal Technology

The Sagola 4600 Xtreme like it’s predecessor the 4500 Xtreme use “Metal on Metal Technology” meaning there are no gaskets in the closures between the air and paint, this reduces the number of spare parts required and prevents the wear of gaskets and seals. I have had one person comment saying that this was a poor design and he didn’t like it but apart from that one comment I have never heard of anyone say their gun has stopped working due to this design.


While the gun may not be the cheapest gun on the market or the best bang for your buck it is still reasonably priced. I have spoken to the head rep from Sagola in Spain and he tells me they will be sold for the same price as the 4500 Xtreme so if your local distributor tries jacking up the price tell them you know they are no more expensive than the previous model so stop being greedy and drop the price.

Video Review

Watch my full video review below where I will be spraying Standox solvent based basecoat on a BMW 118i using this great gun. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the new Sagola 4600 Xtreme DVR Aqua 1.3.



Sagola 4600 Xtreme DVR Aqua 1.3
Sagola 4600 Xtreme DVR Aqua 1.3

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