My new SATAjet 5000B-RP Digital 1.3mm is an awesome Spray Gun with a massive fan that measures 18cm or 7″ at 5cm or 2″ distance. The previous models to this gun didn’t impress me but SATA are onto a winner with the 5000. They are an expensive tool and I do know that everyone can’t afford around $1,000 for a spray gun but for a professional who uses a gun every day then it’s not a waste of money. Like all my reviews they are independent and I have nothing to gain by leading you in the wrong direction as to which tools are good or not, I’m not trying to sell you a product so when I say I like a Spray Gun then it’s because in the real world I can get good results with it.
I will be demonstrating using clear coat on my office desk that we did some custom painting & airbrushing on, I will also demonstrate how to use matte clear on a fuel tank I painted.

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