Finish Line DeVilbiss FLG4 Reviews on all different setups

The Finish Line DeVilbiss FLG4-670 is where you start seeing some quality from the lower end of the spray gun market. The benefits of this gun include 3 fluid tips, enabling the user to change depending on the application required. You can use most paints through this gun including solvent & water basecoat, 2k colour, acrylic paint, clear coats and most primers.
The gun is a HVLP setup though so be warned that a decent compressor is required to keep up with it.

Finish Line Spray Gun
Finish Line Spray Gun
FLG 4-670 Unboxing
FLG4 Unboxing
FLG 4-670 1.3mm
FLG4-670 1.3mm
FLG 4-670 1.5mm
FLG4 670 1.5mm
FLG 4-670 1.8mm
FLG4 670 1.8mm
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