So many Spray Guns on the market but which one is right for you? In this video I will show you my gun collection, tell you the good ones from the bad and try to help you in your choice of which Spray Gun you should buy.
Starting with the Anest Iwata Bellaria then onto Star New Century S4000, a new favorite of mine DeVilbiss SGK-600-BV 1.4mm, then a great mini gun Star EVOT 1.2mm ideal for hobby use, the useless no name HVLP chinese garbage guns, a handy mini gun PBS brand .8mm, The original DeVilbiss GTI, The Star S106 2.8mm Polyester Filler Gun, the Airgunsa AZ3 HTE2 1.8mm ideal for light primers, my personal favorite DeVilbiss (Tekna) GTI Pro Lite boasting LVLP HVLP & Conventional Air Caps and Multiple options of Tip Size, The GTI Pro U.S. (Tekna Pro), the DeVilbiss GTI PRI, The DeVilbiss Copy Spray Gun by Italco and finishing off with my Anest Iwata Neo Dual Action Airbrush. I will explain in detail the features, pros and cons of each gun. I hope you like this video.

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