VL Turbo Project
The Gunman’s largest video set
This is the repair, respray & flowcoat process that I have taken on my own Holden VL Commodore.
Part 1
VL Turbo Project, Part 1
Part 2
Repair, Prime, Prep & Paint VL Boot
Part 3
Prep, Paint & Polish VL Boot
Part 4
Rust Repair Cut & Weld New Boot floor
Part 5
Under Body Protection & VL Update
Part 6
How to Flow Coat
Part 7
How to Remove & Refit VL Doors
Part 8
VL Walkinshaw Bonnet Scoop

Part 9
How To Remove & Refit a Windscreen
Part 10
Respray Repair, Mask & Prime
Part 11
Respray Masking & Black Window Frames
Part 12
VL Turbo
Part 13
Respray Clear Coat VL
Part 14
Flow Coat VL Body
Part 15
Turbo Conversion
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