So many spray guns on the market, this video/blog was a bit of fun for me to make by listing my top 10 Spray Guns, it was actually a pretty easy list to put together.
So in this video I have included a small amount of video footage of each spray gun and a quick description explaining why it made the position, I hope you enjoy watching my Top 10 Spray Gun video.
See below video for the order of my Top 10 including photos and a brief description.

Number 10: DeVilbiss GTI (Millennium USA)
10th place is the DeVilbiss GTI, this was the first spray gun I ever bought and I have done many great paint jobs behind the trigger of my trusty old GTI.
Spray Gun Technology has advanced since then but still a great gun and after over 15 years of near daily use still going strong.
DeVilbiss GTI 110
Number 9: Anest Iwata LPH400

Taking out 9th place in my Top 10 Spray Guns is the Anest Iwata LPH400, a spray gun that I have only used a few times but straight away knew it was a great gun, well priced, good looking, top gun made in Japan to the best quality standards.
Easy to setup and capable of replicating near any finish.

Anest Iwata LPH400
Number 8: ANI R150-T Mini Gun
8th Place in my Top 10 Spray Guns is the ANI R150-T 1.0mm Mini Gun, I believe all painters needs a good mini gun these days, they are ideal for painting wheels, bike frames, motorbike parts and anything that’s a bit small for a full sized gun, this gun is well priced and although only new in my arsenal it seems to be well made, time will tell how it lasts.
ANI R150-T 1.0mm Mini Gun

Number 7: Airgunsa AZ3 1.8mm Primer Gun

7th place is the Airgunsa AZ3 1.8mm, I also think that all tradesmen need a good primer gun, apprentices never seem to look after the workshop gun so having a good primer gun on hand that’s properly clean is a must if you ask me, this gun is also available with a 1.3mm setup but I am yet to use it.
Made in Italy by Airgunsa owned by the Anest Iwata company.

Airgunsa AZ3
Number 6: Anest Iwata W400 Bellaria

Number 6 is the Anest Iwata W400 Bellaria, a light weight classic spray gun that has been only very slightly altered from the original W400, again made to top quality Japanese standards. Very easy to setup, capable of awesome finishes and affordable.
I have found the gun is best suited to MS clears & basecoats due to it being LVLP, if using HS clears it is recommended to use a little more reducer and this will improve the finish.

Anest Iwata Bellaria Review & Demo
Number 5: Anest Iwata Supernova
Coming in at number 5 is the Anest Iwata Supernova, I’d have to say it’s the coolest looking spray gun ever made and wouldn’t look out of place on a Star Wars set, it was designed by Italian company Pininfarina, but looks are not the only thing this gun has to offer, it absolutely pumps on a mad coat of clear, capable of using basecoats and 2k colours also, don’t forget to come in 2 turns with that fan control and you’re off.
Anest Iwata Supernova

Number 4: SATAjet 5000-B RP Digital
Taking out 4th spot is the big SATAjet 5000B RP, it looks very similar to the previous SATAjet models so the die hard fans won’t be upset but previously I was yet to find a SATA that quite suited my style well that all changed with the 5K the big pumper, I think this gun is more suited to custom work with its massive fan and fluid just flows so quickly, but the price tag is high otherwise it may have been up a place or 2.
Satajet 5000B RP 1.3mm Digital
Number 3: DeVilbiss SGK 1.4mm (FLG5)
3rd place is the amazing DeVilbiss SGK-600-BV 1.4mm, otherwise known as the FLG5.
This gun is easily the best budget gun on the market, tired of buying cheap guns that last a year? Well this is the gun to upgrade to, I have advised many people to get this gun and everyone is impressed with how it preforms, it has a massive fan and pumps out a nice amount of paint, it has featured in lots of my videos and I am happy to put it above the SATA 5k because you could buy 4+ of these before you buy one SATA 5K.
DeVilbiss SGK
Number 2: DeVilbiss GPI
2nd is the DeVilbiss GPI, did you say Versatility, Affordability, Quality or Preformance? This gun has it all, made in the same mold as the GTI the GPI now offers the quality without the price tag and with the option to get 1.4, 1.6 & 1.8mm fluit tips, this one gun will do it all from primer with the 1.8mm to acrylic with the 1.6mm and any basecoat, 2k colours & clear coats with the 1.4mm. Again another new gun in my collection but easily takes out 2nd place.
DeVilbiss GPI
Number 1: DeVilbiss GTI Pro lite (Tekna Pro lite USA)
1 Gun to rule them all, the DeVilbiss GTI Pro lite is an amazing gun at a reasonable price, available in 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4mm setups and with the choice of 3 air caps allowing the painter to change the air cap to suit the spraying conditions and material used, the Tekna model sold in the USA is near identical but has a black body and no air regulator on the gun but this is not a problem as I like to run an extra gun regulator anyway, I also have noticed that they are a bit cheaper in USA and come in great packages with multiple air caps and fluid tips.
But does this gun lay on a coat of paint or what, easy to setup, made by the DeVilbiss company who founded the spray gun and built to top quality standards in the UK.
DeVilbiss GTI Pro Lite

This was a bit of fun for me making a Top 10 spray gun list but this is all based upon my personal opinion, It took all of a few minutes to write my list out but hours putting the video and blog together for you all to see, be sure to leave a comment below & let us all know what guns would have made your top 10 list.
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