Automotive Refinishing

A wide selection of Automotive Refinishing work, all done in Professional Facilities in a Spray Booth using Top Quality Tools. Videos & blogs covering it all mainly focusing on Application and Setup but also covering other procedures like Prep Work, Masking, Polishing & Colour Matching.
All in an easy to understand language using real world methods, no constant advertising shoved down your throat because I really don’t care what you buy or where you buy it, I am just showing you what works for me.


Mercedes Benz C180
Sky Blue Mazda 3
Painting New Panels
Maserati Mask & Paint
Nissan S13
Fixing Paint Defects
Prime & Prep
Blending 3 Layer Pearl


Hazard VE SV6
Spot Repair Audi Q7
Black Honda Civic
Voodoo Blue VE SS
How to Spray Paint a New Bumper Bar
Clear Coat XKR Jaguar
Pro Lite TE20
Mercedes Benz GL320 CDI
ML350 Mercedes Benz Spray Painting


Polish Without Swirl Marks
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