Automotive Refinishing

A wide selection of Automotive Refinishing work, all done in Professional Facilities in a Spray Booth using Top Quality Tools. Videos & blogs covering it all mainly focusing on Application and Setup but also covering other procedures like Prep Work, Masking, Polishing & Colour Matching.
All in an easy to understand language using real world methods, no constant advertising shoved down your throat because I really don’t care what you buy or where you buy it, I am just showing you what works for me.


Mercedes Benz C180
Professional Automotive Spray Painting Tutorial Mercedes Benz C180
Sky Blue Mazda 3
Sky Blue Mazda 3 Spray Painting
Painting New Panels
How to Paint New Panels
Maserati Mask & Paint
Maserati Ghibli Mask & Paint
Nissan S13
Nissan S13 Paint
Fixing Paint Defects
How To Fix Paint Defects
Prime & Prep
How to Prime & Prep a Car for Paint
Blending 3 Layer Pearl
How to Blend 3 Layer Pearl


Hazard VE SV6
Hazard VE SV6 Holden Commodore Spray Painting
Spot Repair Audi Q7
Spot Repair Audi Q7 Bumper & Mouldings
Black Honda Civic
Honda Civic Nighthawk Black Pearl Clear over base
Voodoo Blue VE SS
Voodoo Blue VE SS Commodore Spray Painting
How to Spray Paint a New Bumper Bar
How to Spray Paint a New Bumper Bar
Clear Coat XKR Jaguar
Pro Lite TE20
DeVilbiss GTI Pro Lite TE20 Clear Coat XKR Jaguar
Mercedes Benz GL320 CDI
Professional Spray Painting Tutorial Mercedes Benz GL320 CDI
ML350 Mercedes Benz Spray Painting
ML350 Mercedes Benz Spray Painting


Polish Without Swirl Marks
How to Cut & Polish Black Without Swirl Marks
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