Specular UV: The Portable UV Primer Curing Light.


The Specular UV Curing Light makes small primer jobs ultra fast and convenient, most UVA primers will take just 25 seconds until fully cured.

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The Specular UV Primer Curing Light is absolutely brilliant for small primer repairs and spot repairs, I have used extensively with Cromax LE UV Primer and it speeds up the process of refinishing immensely, just 25 seconds until fully cured in most cases. I hear Sikkens UV primer is also a great primer.
Beware not to over-apply the UV primer as the light needs to penetrate through to the bottom layer, think of it as a sandable surfacer, if high build is required try applying a coat, then curing, then sanding, then re-applying. Alternatively, for large areas or high build requirements use standard 2 pack primer and Infrared curing lights. UV primer isn’t for everything.
Hold the light about 25cm (9-10 Inch) away from the panel for best results, ensure all primed surfaces get the full 25 seconds to fully cure.
. Recommended batteries are 26650 model with 4500-5200 mAh and two batteries now come with the unit.
Currently, we have all power adaptors for battery charger, so no matter what country you’re from you will gwt the right one.
Beware import duties may apply, this will vary depending on your country’s laws, email me thegunmanraw@gmail.com if you have any questions.
UV light is known to cause cancer so please wear the safety glasses included EVERY time you use this light, skin protection is also advised.

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This light is completely dust and waterproof and made of high-quality components.
I have been spraying Cromax LE UV primer through my cheap ANI 1.5mm suction fed gun, this stops any light entering the gun because of its aluminium pot, allowing me to leave the primer in the gun. If using a gravity fed gun 1.2-1.3mm is advised.


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