Plymouth Fury

Below is the first video on this Plymouth Fury.
To begin with we will have a look around the car and assess the damage then make a plan of attack.
We are only doing a relatively quick repair and respray on this car due to the customers budget but that doesn’t mean it won’t look real nice when finished.
I had a guy help with the prep work on this car while I was busy on another job.
When it was ready for the booth I took over and this is where the video starts off with a look over the masking.
Next up I have to get a nice amount of good 2k primer over the whole car, I am using the Concept Paints HS primer through my Airgunsa AZ3 1.8mm primer gun.

Next up 3 coats of primer over the entire car and an extra where our filler repairs were.
I leave it for a couple of hours to flash off before coming back in the booth and getting some beige 2k colour in the door jambs.
I then continue to finish the video off with some 2k baby blue over the roof using a long time favorite gun of mine the DeVilbiss SGK 600-BV 1.4mm also known as FLG5 in some countries.
As it turns out The blue didn’t exactly go to plan and had a bit of solvent pop & poor prep work so later I decided to Flow Coat it for a real nice finish.
Yes I agree he should have chosen the same colour scheme as the popular Stephen King Movie from 1983 “Christene” with the 1958 Plymouth Fury, Painted in Red with a Beige roof.

Plymouth Fury Masked up
Plymouth Fury in Concept Primer

If you aren’t familiar with the Stephen King Movie Christine.
I highly recommend at least seeing that Wikipedia link.
Get the basic idea because it truly is a cult classic movie that you should take the time to watch.

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