The new DeVilbiss GPI is an outstanding gun in many ways, it is priced so that most people can afford it, is extremely versatile with the option of buying extra fluid tips so the gun can be used for nearly any application from basecoats, clear coats, 2k direct gloss colour, primer surfacers and even primer fillers, the gun came with a 1.4mm and I also got the 1.6-1.8mm fluid tip and needle as an extra for only $50 AUD, and the gun itself was only $300, it is capable of getting top quality results and an acceptable finish by any top painters standard. Easy to setup and parts are readily available and all affordable, the DeVilbiss lovers may think the gun looks familiar and they would be right because it is made in the same mold as the DeVilbiss GTI Pro however it is a budget version of its predecessor and air caps are not like the GTI Pro where you can go from the T110-T2 and H1, this is not a problem for me because the GP1 air cap that it does come with is perfectly suited to the materials I use and my style of painting.

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