DNA Custom Paints VITUAL CHROME™ is a stand out product in the custom paints market due to its amazing shimmering chrome look and durability sets it apart from other brands. Although it is a little time consuming and the procedure must be followed correctly to get the best results, below I have included the official DNA Custom Paints Bullet Point list, see bottom of page for full video.

Bullet points…

Basecoat application. Reduce 60/40 (1.5:1) Apply two wet coats
Diamond Clear™. Try to apply in one smooth flat coat without dust inclusions, orange peel or dry spray
Allow to cure 48 hours somewhere clean and free of dust or contact.
If next day chrome application is needed, bake for 2.5 hours @60c and rest overnight.
One coat will cure faster and more thoroughly resulting in a better chrome effect later on..
Virtual Chrome™ is quite solvent sensitive so any solvents escaping from uncured Diamond Clear™ can affect the level of reflection of the finished product
Do not sand, clean, tack rag or handle Diamond Clear™ prior to Virtual Chrome™ application. Keep in a clean environment and give a light blow off with low pressure air if required.
Virtual Chrome™ Shake well. For best results filter through a DNA micro fine strainer (60 microns).
Apply with mini gun (best results are achieved with 0.8mm needle

Most reliable setup Fan fully open, 20psi pressure at reg, ¼ turn material
Apply directly over cured Diamond Clear™ in very light coats. Flash off is virtually instant. Keep tight overlap to ensure consistent finish. First coat is always a good indicator of gun set up and technique. If first coat has a speckled metallic look it is not atomising enough.
First coat should give the object just a subtle shimmer when viewed from a short distance
Apply enough coats to obtain desired brightness. Too many coats can loose the black effect, resulting in a silver metallic appearance. Usually 5-6 coats is about spot on but this can vary. Lighter coats give the best results. Resist the temptation of putting too much on.
Allow Virtual Chrome™ to dry for 2 hours to allow solvents to gas out.
Lightly polish with DNA™ Micro Fibre Cloth. Treat this much like a light tack rag.
Apply one thin sealed closed coat of Key Clear allow to flash off for 15-20 minutes. Mixing ratio is 5:1:1 with Key Clear Hardener and Key Clear Reducer.
Apply one to two coats of Diamond Clear™. Optimum mix ratio is 2:1:15%
Its worth noting that when Key Clear is applied over the Virtual Chrome™, the reflection will drop noticeably however as the solvents release from the Key Clear it will pick back up a fair bit.

CANDY OVER Virtual Chrome™
Use the same technique up until key clear stage. A little more Virtual Chrome™ can be applied when using candy overlays as it provides a lighter, cleaner groundcoat for the candy
Mix 10-15% DNA™ Candy ColorZ™ Concentrate into the Key Clear BY WEIGHT prior to adding hardener and reducer.
Apply Key Clear/Candy Mix over Virtual Chrome™. Usually only 1 to 2 coats is required. If a second coat is required allow a 15 minute flash off between the coats. Apply in thin closed (not dry) coats with a slightly tighter overlap (60-70%).
Allow 20 minutes to flash off before applying Diamond Clear™ to finish

NOTE Key clear is designed as an adhesion layer to lock the Virtual Chrome™ onto the Diamond Clear™ underneath it. It is not a finishing clear and must be coated with Diamond Clear™ for full durability. If DNA™ Key Clear is not used, adhesion problems will result, and the level of reflection drop of the Virtual Chrome will be too great. Key clear is the reason why DNA™ Virtual Chrome™ is the only chrome paint that will not de laminate and has the most chrome like finish.

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