In this video I will take you through the steps of How to do a Spot Repair on this E-Type Jaguar Painted in Pale Primrose Paint Code 251 using Standox Solvent Basecoat and Crystal Clear Pro HS, using a DeVilbiss GTI Pro with a HVLP Air Cap for Base and Pro Lite with a TE20 Air Cap for Clear.
I will take you right through the job from Applying Filler and Priming the Scratch to Colour Matching, Prep Work, Masking, and Paint Application, I will also include the Methods used for Cut & Polishing and leaving no trace of Repair.
Some may say that this is not the correct way of doing the job and I must agree in a way but as an employee we must do what the boss says and I will not get involved in the argument but I will say that when the circumstance does arise I want to be the first one the boss does come to because he knows I will do the best job.
Learn how to Spot Repair like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Automotive Refinishing.

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