In part 7 of the Murdered LH Torana project we will be painting the door jambs of the body in matte black clear over base, I will use my trusty DeVilbiss SGK 600BV (FLG5) with Concept NM10 basecoat black and my mixture of Cromax AU175 Flattening Binder with Duxone MS Clear, earlier in the project I went through the mix & match procedure.
LH Torana
I will also start with the prep work on the car prior to painting the inside of the and body, as always I will explain why I do what I do every step of the way.
A lot of the time I just paint all panels off the car when doing big jobs like this and there is benefits to that method, like having no masking edges, it’s also a quicker process and will save time on the job but as long as you are confident that the colour will match then that way works fine.
We also have to think about how well we will be able to refit the panels without scratching panels and if we do scratch then will we be able to replicate the same gloss level and finish.

being that this is my first time doing a full respray in a matte finish I decided to stay on the safe side and paint the car with the doors and guards on, apart from the bonnet and boot lid (hood, trunk USA) and the small spoiler parts the car was bolted back together making it easier to get an even look in the matte clear.
Even painting one panel a little heavier with the matte clear will alter the colour.
Matte Black Torana
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