Honda Integra Type R, this video is Part 2 on the paint work on this Honda Integra Type R.
I am painting it in Nighthawk Black pearl paint code B92P using Concept No-Mix basecoat.
I will be using a personal favorite spray gun of mine the DeVilbiss SGK 600BV 1.4mm, a gun that truly punches above its weight for the price, build quality and finish it’s capable of.
The video below will focus only on the basecoat stage.
The first video covered all repairs, primer, prep and masking.
The next video part 3 will be dedicated to clear coat and finish off with a little bit of the polish & detail stage.
See below video for photos and slider.

Honda Integra Type R Ready for Primer
Honda Integra Type R First coat of primer
Honda Integra Spray Painting
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