Color Match Problems? I’m not surprised, Colour Matching can be one of the hardest parts of Automotive Refinishing, add an extra layer with a 3 Layer Pearl and understandably some people can get a bit lost but there is no need to get lost.
I find that most of the time there is no need to alter the pearl coat, just the ground color, obviously using minor adjustments and use the color wheel for guidance when necessary.
Most of the time I have also found that 1 coat of the pearl is enough using Standox Solvent base range but this will vary from car to car so always must be checked prior to painting.
Follow the basic methods I outline in the video below and success should come.
It takes years of practice to be what I would class as a good painter who can colour match with good results consistently.

Learn how to Colour Match like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Color Matching a 3 layer Pearl. In this video I will take you through the steps of color matching this Mitsubishi Magna in Misty White Pearl code:WP29. Using Standox Basislack Solvent Base Coat.

Blending 3 Layer Pearl for best Match

Now you have an idea how to do the colour matching stage why not check the Video & Blog I made on this Subaru XV How To Blend a 3 layer Pearl.

How to Blend 3 Layer Pearl for Best match
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