Acrylic paint is quite simple to use once you know how, it dries quickly and you can achieve top quality results by polishing as you can see in this photo. But you must be warned it is outdated technology these days, although it is still a good option for people spraying at home without a spray booth because it is not as hazardous to the user although worse for the environment because there are more fumes releasing into the air, this is one of the reasons it has been fazed out and no longer used in many industries.

Acrylic Paint After Polish Stage
Acrylic paint will never fully dry and solvents or heat will always freshen it up, it dries through the evaporation of the solvents unlike 2 Pack (2k) that has a hardener and dries as a result of the chemical reaction by the hardener.
so basically 2k is much more efficient, durable and will have a lower impact on the environment.

I do highly recommend hiring a spray booth if possible and doing it in 2k polyurethane because it is far superior and will not lead to big problems down the track when you do want it done properly.
Although I don’t use it often or recommend the use of it, I still think knowing how to use it is a good skill to have for any painter so I will take you right through the entire process from prep to primer, application, gun setup and polishing.
I am not highly experienced in the use of acrylic paint because by the year 2000 when I started my apprenticeship it was well and truly gone from most panel shops but I did have some training at trade school so kick back and see how I succeed in the use of acrylic paint.

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