Spraying metal flakes is quite a simple process, as long as you follow a few key points you should have no problems achieving good results.
There are a few different methods that will end in similar finishes, some like to mix the flakes with 2k clear then apply more clear over the top but I prefer to mix the flakes with an intercoat (clear basecoat), the reason I prefer to do it this way is because the intercoat dries quicker and makes it easier to bury those flakes in a few wet coats of a good quality HS clear.

How to Spray Metal Flakes

The next step is to let that 2k clear dry out as long as possible, a bake is recommended with infrared curing lights if possible, then once it is cured we will give it a flow coat and the job is done.
This video is for demonstration purposes only and I am using DNA Custom Paints 200 Micron Holographic Flakes one panel over a silver base and one over black to give you an idea of the different finishes you can get, don’t forget that with custom paint you are limited by your imagination so get inventive, the same basic process applies for most brands and size of flakes however if you are using monster flakes then you may want to try using a flake gun that you can see me using if you click the image at the very bottom of this page (Sun & Surf Painting).

If you want to see how to spray candy over flakes or use monster flakes through a dry flake gun and flow coat flakes click this image to see a blog and video.
Sun & Surf Painting
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