In the last video on the 1966 MK1 GT Ford Cortina we will finish the job off by giving it a denib, cut & polish, refit the parts and a final detail before handing it back to the owner.
It’s been a fun project and I have done most of the work myself, the owner did come and help out doing some refitting of parts which works well for me because it’s not my favorite part of the job.

Earlier in the project when I was painting I used my brand new DeVilbiss GPI 1.4mm with the GP1 air cap, I was immediately very impressed with how well it sprays basecoat and clear coat, the job was also done entirely in Concept Paints using No-Mix Basecoat and HS clear, if you like the colour then you can find it by searching for a Fiat Colour Rosso Corsa Paint Code 854/160

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