This article and video below is a review & demo on the new SATAjet Aviator 5000-B RP Digital with the 1.2 setup on it.

The gun has a massive fan and one of the best designs I have ever seen on a Spray Gun, a few people have expressed their concerns of the material consumption of the SATAjet but I did a test where I painted the exact same surface area with my new DeVilbiss Nebula Pro lite and they used the exact same amount of paint and I was able to achieve the exact same finish also

Be careful when buying any SATAjet that you do a bit of research on the tip sizes, ask around and see what other experts in your area are using.
I say this because I was surprised at the size of the fluid tip, my DeVilbiss 1.3mm is smaller than my SATA 1.2, I have put the question forward to my Instagram and Facebook followers but yet to get a valid response as to what the reason for this.

I can’t see there is anything for SATA to gain by doing it and must admit I’m a bit baffled as to why they’ve done it. There is a lot of confusion around the matter even from other SATA users.
The first time I bought a SATAjet 5000-B RP I got it in a 1.3 setup because it’s what i was used to, not realising it measured 1.47mm which is larger than I would ever recommend for clear or even base, the first time I used it I got massive runs all over the panels I was painting costing me time and money which left me a bit jaded especially after paying so much for the gun.

At that point I took them on face value that I was using a 1.3mm gun so it took me off guard, sometimes less is better in this trade and having control is key.

This is why you must get the setup right on this gun or you may end up not liking it or going through excessive material, being left with bad orange peel or have big runs.

Gun Settings

My current settings for clear with the RP 1.2 have been

Fluid: 2 turns out

Fan: Full

Pressure: 2 Bar/29 Psi

SATAjet Aviator
SATAjet Aviator 1.2 & DeVilbiss Nebula 1.3mm
Brand New SATAjet Aviator 1.2

Build Quality

Build Quality is 2nd to none as you would expect from the most expensive Spray Gun on the Market.

The gun is an amazing piece of German engineering and boasts a massive fan but for myself coming from a DeVilbiss background there are a few features that I don’t really like about it.
There is a swivel between the air fitting and the gun itself which is why I recommend getting the digital version.

if you didn’t get the digital model and wanted to use a cheater valve/gauge (gun regulator) then it is prone to spinning around as you paint which is a real distraction. There is an option of getting the SATA Adam which is just a digital pod but it is expensive where there are inexpensive cheater valves like the ANI that are still good quality that can be fitted to most guns as they have no swivel between the gun & fitting.
Another thing I’m not overly impressed with is the fan adjustment, it’s positioned on the side of the gun and if I set it to anything other than full fan I find myself bumping it with my thumb while painting which is also a distraction and can lead to an uneven finish.
I have also found the pressure adjustment knob is a little too sensitive so I will go from low to high pressure and miss the exact setting I want, it’s not a massive deal but there is a longer thread and more gradual pressure adjustment on my DeVilbiss, making it simple and quick to get the exact pressure I want.

Keep in mind that a gun is only as good as the person behind the trigger and everyone has their own preferences.
I mean no offence to any SATA fans or SATA themselves, the above article is based solely on my own opinion as a Spray Painter.

I hope the information I have given will be of help.

SATAjet 5000 B RP 1.2 Box
SATAjet after spraying a Hilux
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