Underbody Protection is a very important part of doing rust repairs, if you don’t seal all the bare steel up and coat it with a rust and stone chip preventative then the rust will just come straight back and after spending the amount of time I did removing the rust and replacing the boot floor that’s the last thing I want.
Watch the rest of this video and you will see the project take a turn, I decided that this body was a bit too far gone and the cost of getting registration and road worthy was going to be more than what it was worth to me, in hind sight this was a very smart decision and I am glad I did decide to ditch this body, yes it was a little bit of a waste of time repairing the boot floor but I did have a bit of fun doing the job and also learned a bit plus being that I made a video on the process, people can now watch how I did it forever.
Hope you enjoy the video and be sure to leave a comment, I will always do my best to get back to any questions.

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