In part 5 on the VL Calais we will be finalizing the project and doing all the finishing touches preparing the car for the owner to pickup, there is still lots of parts to be painted so in this video I will take you through the entire job including loads of technical info and tips on how I achieve the results, I also use the Lumaiii aurora for the first time in this video and was a little let down by how it blinded me making it hard to see, since this I have found that for some applications it is actually not too bad but still has a hefty price tag of $314 USd
the silver basecoat I used on the bumper bars was Concept Paints No-Mix straight tinter NM-70.
For the body of the car I used the DeVilbiss SGK/FLG5 1.4mm for basecoat and SATAjet 5000B RP 1.3mm Digital for clear, The colour is called Morpheus Met paint code 448N and I used Concept Paints No-Mix basecoat then Standox HS clear over the top.

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